Work Experience

Machine Learning Engineer at Ekkono Solutions
Varberg, Sweden
Jun 2023 - Current

Lead edge machine learning projects for automation in industrial and medical devices, focusing on condition monitoring, anomaly detection and predictive maintenance.

Work closely with data scientists and senior developers to tackle real-world problems using edge machine learning, contributing to advanced data analysis and efficient solution implementation in edge environments.

Involved in an EIC grant, researching and developing federated learning for edge machine learning, enhancing expertise in signal processing and practical applications.

Data Scientist [Master Thesis Worker] at Scania CV AB
Södertälje, Sweden
Aug 2022 - Feb 2023

During my tenure, I conducted a research project focused on applying Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) in federated learning settings with time series data. This research is currently in the process of publication. The research paper can be accessed here.

I performed extensive background research and experimented with various state-of-the-art generative models and federated learning architectures. I gained hands-on experience with PyTorch and TensorFlow frameworks, building neural networks, particularly deep networks such as CNNs and LSTMs.

Moreover, I experimented with model compression techniques to optimize models for edge devices, enhancing performance and efficiency in real-world applications.

Automation Engineer [Internship] at NorthVolt
Skellefteå, Sweden
Apr 2021 - Sep 2021

During my internship at NorthVolt, I contributed to the construction of the NorthVolt Ett Giga-Factory, a landmark project in the green energy industry. It was an enriching experience working in a diverse, global environment alongside colleagues from over 85 nationalities.

I successfully managed multiple concurrent projects that involved outsourcing of automated equipment. This provided me with hands-on experience managing high-speed process equipment, including conveyor belts, robot arms, and AGVs.

My responsibilities also involved driving progress towards key project milestones, including design approvals, factory acceptance tests (FATs), and site acceptance tests (SATs), ensuring the timely completion of project goals.

Product Engineer at Global Drain Technologies
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Dec 2019 - Aug 2020

As a Product Engineer at Global Drain Technologies, I designed and brought a new product line to market, overseeing the entire process from ideation to production. This role provided me with hands-on experience in sheet metal fabrication, press brakes, laser cutting, and stainless steel welding.

I applied stress analysis techniques to optimize material usage and design for performance and durability. Moreover, I collaborated closely with production to ensure feasibility of designs and facilitate efficient fabrication.

For more details about my portfolio at GDT, please visit [here].

Manufacturing / Industrial Engineer at Hylife Ltd
Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada
May 2017 - Dec 2019

In a fast-paced environment at Hylife Ltd, I thrived in managing multiple responsibilities concurrently. I commissioned a new Feed Mill and worked closely with contractors to troubleshoot deviations and deficiencies, successfully ensuring timely delivery of the project.

I developed and implemented project charters, fish-bone diagrams, and 5-Why analyses to identify and address root causes of production issues. I also collaborated with cross-functional teams to plan and execute Kaizen, 5S, and JIT initiatives, resulting in significant efficiency gains and cost savings.

Furthermore, I designed JavaScript simulations to predict equipment performance, streamlining decision-making processes.

For more details about my portfolio at Hylife, please visit [here].

Production Assistant at Winpak
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
May - Aug 2016

In the role of a Production Assistant at Winpak, I assisted manufacturing supervisors in technical and administrative tasks. I also closely collaborated with the machine operators in a fast-paced environment.

My responsibilities included performing spot diagnoses for daily problems encountered on the production floor. This role gave me a strong foundational understanding of the dynamics of production floor work.