Hands On Portfolio

Automotive Body Work / Rust Removal

The wheel arches on the vehicle were rotted away from rust. I cut out all the rusted metal with a cut off wheel and fitted a new metal panel. I fabricated pieces using sheet metal to replace the rotted metal inside the wheel arches.

I welded in all the new metal using a flux core arch welder. I then used body filler, followed by a flap disc, pneumatic orbital sander, and sanding block with sandpaper to smooth out the bodywork. The car's surface was prepped for paint and I applied primer, base coat, and then a clear coat using a pneumatic paint spray gun.

Finally, I sanded and polished the panels to finish up the work. You can see a timeline of pictures of the work here: Link.

LED Display Project

I created a 9x30 LED display using an individually addressable LED strip, Arduino Uno, and a 5V power supply. I created and 3D printed a case for the electronics, and cut the LED strip into 30 LEDs strips which I wired and soldered in series to a backboard.

I developed logic to drive, turn on and off the correct LEDs to display messages and run live simulations, such as Conway's Game of Life. You can see pictures and videos of the project here: Link.

Blender Renders

I self taught the open-source 3D computer graphics software Blender. I used Blender to render models for the sales team, and for creating catalogs for the company's products. I created a step by step procedure manual for installing Slot and Trench drain products, and rendered models to highlight specific unique and innovative features that make slot drains stand out against the competition.